Repair and Installation Services

System Customization and Tutorial
Get help making your new or used PC personally customized to fit your needs for maximum efficiency by making your common activities easier to find and access. Also get some helpful hints on how to do different tasks on your PC.

File Transfer/Data Backup
We’ll move your files between two computers or create a backup of important files on your PC.

Software Installation
Covers installation and customization of a single software application on your PC.

Peripheral Setup
Get help connecting your printer, digital camera, scanner or mp3 player on your computer.

Network Setup
We’ll setup and configure a home network between two PC’s. Whether it is a wired or wireless network, we can do it!

Hardware Installation
Improve your computer with a new graphics card, network card, more memory or an additional hard drive.

Computer Dusting
Get rid of the dust that attracts to the inside of your computer. The accumulation of dust can restrict airflow that is necessary to keep your PC from irreversible damage caused by overheating.

System Tune Up
If your computer needs a little TLC to return to optimal performance, bring it to us and we will tweak the system for improved boot time and performance.

Computer Rescue Service I
If your computer is acting up with pop-ups, un-explained websites or has suddenly became very slow we’ll rescue your PC. Bring it to us and we will fix it by applying Windows security patches and removing any viruses and spyware.

Computer Rescue Service II
Sometimes viruses and spyware corrupt the operating system and the only sure fix is the reinstallation of Windows. This service includes Computer Rescue Service I and the reinstallation of the operating system. Security software is strongly recommended to prevent future infestations.

For pricing or more information, please contact Technology Solutions.

Custom projects and services also available. Inquire for details.


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